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Use our drag and drop interface to create academic-quality experiments within minutes and without having to write a single line of code.

Crowdsource your research experiment using Amazon Mechanical Turk

Email experiments out or use Cognilab's integration with an online crowdsourcing marketplace to recruit from over 500,000+ participants. Via our crowdsourcing service, hundreds of people will be completing your experiment within days.

Access your research data anytime, anywhere!

Interesting results? Share them with your colleagues

Cognilab lets you share your experiment results with others. Speed up research by allowing others to replicate or modify your experiment.

Cognilab assembles your experiment data into a formats that meet your research needs. You can also export your data or access it on the cloud anytime, anywhere.

“...[crowdsourcing] is a revolutionary tool for conducting experiments. It offers the ability to run experiments with large numbers of subjects in a matter of hours. This has the potential to transform behavioral research ‚Äč(Crump, McDonnell, & Gureckis, 2013). ” 


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Quickly create experiments using our drag-and-drop interface 

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